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In order to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus, we thank you in advance for reading and following these guidelines:


1. We are obliged now by Law to have a complete record of the names & contact details for each adult visitor in your group, in case any fall ill at any time, to be able to pass on to the Test & Trace authorities to follow up.

2. A bottle of hand-sanitising liquid is provided in every property for the start of your visit; thereafter you will need to provide your own. Very frequent handwashing is recommended.

3. Guests now need to bring all their own Towels - we are no longer allowed to offer these.

4. All the DVDs, CDs, books & games usually provided have had to be removed. Please remember to take your own DVDs, books, games etc. home with you.

5. Upon leaving, Guests are now required to:

                                    i) put all rubbish into the outside bins provided

                                    ii) strip all beds and leave linen on the floor beside each bed

                                    iii) open all upstairs windows to allow air to circulate

                                    iv) take all food home with you – please do not leave any behind in the cottages


These are difficult times, but if we all follow these recommendations rigorously, we can help to stop Coronavirus spreading, for our own sakes and for everyone else.

However, if you (or one of your guests) are unfortunate enough to develop (or arrive with) COVID-19 symptoms, or are asymptomatic but declare the need to self-isolate:


  • please contact Mrs Teesdale [01452 740204 or] immediately, who will inform you of the next steps to be taken

  • you/they should check out and return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance

  • if you/your guest has acute symptoms, breathing difficulties, or if your/their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately

  • if you/your guest are unwell enough to return home to self-isolate and need to stay on in the property/ies beyond the rented period, the law states that in this instance rents for the additional period of occupation are required to be paid in full


                                                       NEAREST DOCTOR’S SURGERY: 01452 740213

                                    NHS ADVICE:

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